Contextual menu

All cells except the grades cell have a contextual menu with more options:

  1. Group cell: long press on the group cell:
  2. Student cell: long press on student’s cell:
  3. Column header cell:

Grades screen settings

You can change the rows size, columns size, fotn size,.. and many other settings options:

  • Click on the group cell, you will see the next settings window:

Rearrange columns and students

You can rearrange the columns or students. You can also hide/show columns or student. You have two ways to do this:

  1. OPION 1: long press on group cell. You will se a settings windows, on the bottom you have two buttons:
  2. OPTION 2: long press on group cell. You will see this contextual menu:
  3. To drag & drop do a long press and drag the left grey square. The green eye is to hide/show columns or students: