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Simple ideas to get your central vacuum website to get better search engine rankings.

Today’s online dynamics are focused on making the market find your business on the Internet. To achieve this with the amount of competition that already exists online, you need to include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies in your online marketing plan.

Today search engines, such as Google or Bing, are the consumer’s main tool for searching for information, products, brands, services, help, communities, etc. 90% of people have one of the search engines that exist as their home page when they open their browser, which means that more than 80% of the existing traffic on the Internet is generated by these search engines. This should give you an idea of ​​the importance of having specific strategies so that your central vacuum system reviews website is found by search engines and shown to your audience.

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The play is no longer going out to look for our clients to sell, now it is to make clients come to us to find the products or services they are looking for, and the important thing is to be visible when the potential client is looking for your product or service on the Internet.

Search results

In principle, what you should know is that there are 2 types of search results:

Organic: These are the results that are ordered naturally in the search engine following the criteria of its positioning algorithm. SEO affects these results.

Sponsored: These are the results that are located mainly on the right side or are the first three links that are offered on the first search page. These are achieved by paying, so SEO has no influence on them.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimization that is done to a central vacuum website to get better positioned to appear in the results when someone searches using words related to that site.

These types of strategies are more technical and sophisticated, so it is recommended that you be an expert in web programming and SEO who helps you develop specific campaigns.

SEO strategy what is the right way?

However, there are many simple things you can do without being a “specialist” to help search engines prefer your central vacuum website and show it in searches.

  1. Google favors the generation of original content, it is becoming more and more demanding regarding this issue, so your content must be of great value, original and preferably unpublished. You must propose attractive and interactive content.
  2. The use of keywords is still important, so you must have a good study of keywords to determine those with which your market searches for you and include them in your valuable content. They must be worked precisely and congruently, the keywords that your pages must contain should go from 1% to 3%, highlighting that the writing must be fluid and without errors.
  3. Responsive optimization, that is, that your central vacuum website is optimized for mobile. This rule of google is already a reality this year, it is vetoing without showing sites that continue without a version of its page to be seen properly on mobile devices.
  4. A proper Linkbuilding strategy will also allow you to optimize your central vacuum website in the eyes of search engines. Having inbound and outbound links on your central vacuum website of value and consistency with your content is still taken into account. The more relevant sites link to your site the better, but it is also important that you have internal links between your own content.
  5. Your Social Networks and their contents already play a very important role in SEO, so what you develop in them can already be shown by search engines as well. Take care to have a solid content strategy on your social media.
  6. Real-time analysis ( Real-Time Tracking ) is already a reality in Google Analytics, and it makes it easier for us to better understand what visitors do to our central vacuum website, their preferences, search map, and contact points. This is undoubtedly information that will help you guide your content and/or SEO strategy in a faster and more versatile way.
  7. The issue of download time, information structure, and menus are still important for SEO, so it should not be overlooked.
  8. The use of URL unoptimized is also something you should care. For each URL that is created on your central vacuum website (when creating a new page, post, or landing) you must think that its address is keywords by which search engines can find you.
  9. The Title and Description of your central vacuum website are also still important to improve your ranking on search pages. Include well-studied, different, and attractive keywords and/or longtails.
  10. Finally, I suggest that you take great care to label all the images that you upload to your central vacuum website very well, with a name and description that also allows search engines to show you and thus gain more visits to your central vacuum website.

On the search engine results page we have two types of results: sponsored links or ads and organic or natural results , therefore, this makes us also talk about two types of web positioning for each type of result: search engine marketing or SEM ( for Search Engine Marketing ) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) .


The Natural or organic positioning refers to the set of techniques that offer websites in search engines to improve your viewing pages in search engines. Therefore, the purpose of this type of positioning is to make web pages appear in privileged positions in the results returned by search engines in a natural way with the use of certain keywords. For instance, a company selling Damascus steel chef knife want to find targeted audience who are looking for Damascus knives. SEO strategy would be a great way to optimize the effectiveness of digital marketing techniques

Search engines like Google handle a criterion that ranges from the popularity of the web page, content, loading speed, to technical issues, and based on these parameters it decides which pages will occupy the first positions.

The natural positioning or SEO  has to be worked following the parameters on which the search engines are based, and from that, optimizing the website completely, from the structure of the site and its content to the web design, all are aspects very important that should not be overlooked. For this, a variety of technical factors are put into practice that will increase the notoriety of a web page gradually over time.


The search engine marketing or positioning using sponsored links refers to the type of position that by paying advertising, a website located in the top positions of search results. A website is promoted through sponsored links by paying the search engine so that the website appears in the first positions but in the form of an advertisement .

As the name suggests, search engine marketing is a variant of Internet marketing, and it promotes the services or products that a website offers when a search is generated.

The results of this type of positioning, in general, are much faster than those obtained with natural positioning (SEO), but they are not permanent over time because it is a paid service. In many cases, both types of positioning are used at the same time, in a joint strategy to position the page quickly. The SEM will achieve a privileged position in a short time, while it is working on the natural positioning to ensure that once the payment for advertising is settled, the position continues in the first places of the search engine results.


Both organic positioning (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) have the same objective in common, and it is to place a website in the best positions of the search engine results in order to capture as many visits as possible, but each uses different tools to achieve this end.

In the case of SEO, its approach is to position a website following certain criteria used by search engines such as Google, which have to do with the quality of the content and any other characteristic that benefits the user. SEM, on the other hand, is based on the creation of quick and clear announcements for potential prospects. SEO is a process that requires a great investment of time and effort, which is why web positioning techniques are usually used for long-term results but that last over time, unlike SEM, which is used to obtain faster results and immediately although limited in time.

Both positioning techniques are ideal to achieve positioning of a web page, therefore, experts in this area recommend combining them and taking advantage of the great potential they offer so that a website receives more traffic from both natural results and sponsored links.

If you are looking for an SEO company for your business or your company but you are not sure how to choose it and what details to assess in the service proposal of an SEO consulting company , then we offer you the following guide that will help you make an appropriate decision .

In the sector of online marketing and seo companies there are all kinds of professionals with training and experience, some will have learned working for small companies and others will have extensive experience working in large companies. Due to the nature and nature of this profession, it is possible that you will find great professionals who have made SEO positioning and web optimization a way of life. They are entrepreneurs who have their own projects and who work from home or a small office.

Yes, it must be said that online marketing covers many areas of specialization such as web development, SEO, management and implementation of SEM pay-per-click campaigns, SMO, online reputation, usability, conversion optimization. through web analytics , content creation and development, specialists in Facebook and social networks, Twitter or even the management of large-scale projects within a web development department.

Honestly, choosing an SEO consultant or an online marketing consultant that suits your needs is not an easy task, there are many great professionals but there are also a large number of SEO experts who offer services and promise great results at joke prices, and Of course, in the end the results are not what we expected and we get frustrated. But there are also great SEO professionals that will be very easy to find if you know how to ask the right questions.

First, do a search with the words seo consultant, seo expert and words related to what you are looking for. Keep in mind that it will be convenient to find a professional close to your company to be able to meet periodically. Try to be clear about what you want to do and why. It is essential to have the objectives that you want to achieve very clear in order to define SEO actions according to these.

When you have found a profile according to your needs, who has experience, good training, solid studies and is passionate about his work, make sure that he always directs the seo consulting to some final objectives, that he is a person who constantly learns since this market This is what he demands and that he is willing to transmit knowledge and passion to the client.

To finish, we recommend that you hold regular meetings, at least once a month for the seo consultant to present you the achievements, the actions taken or to discuss any new idea or proposal.