How to do SEO of a vacuum website?

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Simple ideas to get your central vacuum website to get better search engine rankings.

Today’s online dynamics are focused on making the market find your business on the Internet. To achieve this with the amount of competition that already exists online, you need to include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies in your online marketing plan.

Today search engines, such as Google or Bing, are the consumer’s main tool for searching for information, products, brands, services, help, communities, etc. 90% of people have one of the search engines that exist as their home page when they open their browser, which means that more than 80% of the existing traffic on the Internet is generated by these search engines. This should give you an idea of ​​the importance of having specific strategies so that your central vacuum system reviews website is found by search engines and shown to your audience.

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The play is no longer going out to look for our clients to sell, now it is to make clients come to us to find the products or services they are looking for, and the important thing is to be visible when the potential client is looking for your product or service on the Internet.

Search results

In principle, what you should know is that there are 2 types of search results:

Organic: These are the results that are ordered naturally in the search engine following the criteria of its positioning algorithm. SEO affects these results.

Sponsored: These are the results that are located mainly on the right side or are the first three links that are offered on the first search page. These are achieved by paying, so SEO has no influence on them.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimization that is done to a central vacuum website to get better positioned to appear in the results when someone searches using words related to that site.

These types of strategies are more technical and sophisticated, so it is recommended that you be an expert in web programming and SEO who helps you develop specific campaigns.

SEO strategy what is the right way?

However, there are many simple things you can do without being a “specialist” to help search engines prefer your central vacuum website and show it in searches.

  1. Google favors the generation of original content, it is becoming more and more demanding regarding this issue, so your content must be of great value, original and preferably unpublished. You must propose attractive and interactive content.
  2. The use of keywords is still important, so you must have a good study of keywords to determine those with which your market searches for you and include them in your valuable content. They must be worked precisely and congruently, the keywords that your pages must contain should go from 1% to 3%, highlighting that the writing must be fluid and without errors.
  3. Responsive optimization, that is, that your central vacuum website is optimized for mobile. This rule of google is already a reality this year, it is vetoing without showing sites that continue without a version of its page to be seen properly on mobile devices.
  4. A proper Linkbuilding strategy will also allow you to optimize your central vacuum website in the eyes of search engines. Having inbound and outbound links on your central vacuum website of value and consistency with your content is still taken into account. The more relevant sites link to your site the better, but it is also important that you have internal links between your own content.
  5. Your Social Networks and their contents already play a very important role in SEO, so what you develop in them can already be shown by search engines as well. Take care to have a solid content strategy on your social media.
  6. Real-time analysis ( Real-Time Tracking ) is already a reality in Google Analytics, and it makes it easier for us to better understand what visitors do to our central vacuum website, their preferences, search map, and contact points. This is undoubtedly information that will help you guide your content and/or SEO strategy in a faster and more versatile way.
  7. The issue of download time, information structure, and menus are still important for SEO, so it should not be overlooked.
  8. The use of URL unoptimized is also something you should care. For each URL that is created on your central vacuum website (when creating a new page, post, or landing) you must think that its address is keywords by which search engines can find you.
  9. The Title and Description of your central vacuum website are also still important to improve your ranking on search pages. Include well-studied, different, and attractive keywords and/or longtails.
  10. Finally, I suggest that you take great care to label all the images that you upload to your central vacuum website very well, with a name and description that also allows search engines to show you and thus gain more visits to your central vacuum website.

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