Set up the backups

The app allows you to make several types of backups:

  • Manual backups: the user does them when he wants. You can do it in the internal memory or in the cloud.
  • Automatic backups: the app makes the automatic  backups as you have scheduled it. They can be in the internal memory, in Dropbox or in Google Drive.

To set up the backup go to menu -> General Settings:

  • Auto Backup: when activated, it automatically makes backup copies
  • Type of backup (Backup frequency): automatic backups can be daily, weekly, monthly or each time you exit the app.
  • Number of backup copies: the number of backup copies that will be saved at most
  • Backup directory: the default directory where automatic backups will be saved (they are copies in the internal storage of the device)
  • Automatic copies in Dropbox: if activated, automatic copies will be made in your Dropbox account, you must give permission to the app
  • Automatic copies in Google Drive: if activated, automatic copies will be made in your Google Drive account, you must give permission to the app
  • Keep all backup copies in Google Drive: save all automatic backups made in Google Drive, without deleting the old ones. This requires more space available

Create a backup

To create a backup you must go to the “menu -> Backup” and the following screen appears:

To create a backup press the “MAKE A BACKUP” button, the following menu will pop up:

There are 3 ways to make a backup:

  • Create a backup in default directory: create the backup in the default directory that has been configured, it is a directory of the internal memory of the device. In the “SETTINGS” button you can change the default directory.
  • Select a folder: allows you to select the directory of the internal memory where to save the backup.
  • Save in the cloud: allows you to save the backup in the cloud.

When a backup is made, the database where all the information is  encrypted.

Restore a backup


To restore a backup, go to the “menu – Backups“:

You have two different ways to restore:

  1. From the “Backup history“: you have all the backups info made so far. Click on a history file item  to restore it. They can be of several types:
    • Manuals
    • Automatic in internal memory
    • In Google Drive
    • In Dropbox
  2. From the “RESTORE BACKUP”  button: from this button a new menu is opened:

  • Select file to restore: select the backup file that you want to restore. The file must be in the internal memory of your device.
  • Restore from the cloud: if you want to restore a copy that you have stored in the cloud and it does not appear in the backup history, you should download the backup in the internal memory of the device, and then go to the option above “Select file to restore “and select the file you have downloaded.


For the restoration to be done correctly, the app must have read and write permissions on the internal storage memory of your device. This is configured in the Android Control Panel.

If when you select a file to be restored, if after selecting it you will see the name “/document/169” or something like that, then the restoration will not succeed. It is an error that appears on some devices with Android 8 or higher and only on some models. The way to solve it is: go to the “menu – General Settings” and deactivate the box “Use the system file browser“, try the restoration again and it should work.