To add a grade is as easy as add a new column on the grid:

  1. Press the boton_plus button at bottom-right:
  2. Choose one of the 2 options:
    1. New grades column: to create a new column grades
    2. Copy existing column: to copy grades or columns from one group or term to another
  3. If you pick “New grades column” you will see the next screen:

    • Title: type a name for this column: activity, exam,… Use the calendar button to pick a date.
    • Subtitle: type a subtitle for this column. You can pick subtitles from the list of subtitles created at menu -> Academic Settings (icon_academic_setttings).
    • Grade type: you must select the grade type you want to use to assess. See this article for more info.
    • Grade symbol: select a grade symbol if you prefer show a symbol instead of a numeric value. Example: A, A+, B, F,… You can set the grade symbols from menu -> Academic Settings (icon_academic_setttings).
    • Grade color: you can use conditional colors, color the grade according to its value. You can set the grade colors from menu -> Academic Settings (icon_academic_setttings).
    • Second chance of: a grade can be the second chance of an already assessment made. It is used in auto calculated grades: the calculation process picks the second chance grade instead of the original.
    • Show percentage: show the percentage of the grade.
    • Color: the column color.
    • Hide: hide the column. To show the column again click on the group name cell.
    • Protect: lock the column to avoid modifications.
    • Quick comments: to select a quickly a cooment from a list of reused comments.
  4. To edit a grade just  click on the garde’s cell.
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