When a new school year starts you have these options:

  1. Unistall and install the app again, so you start again from scratch.
  2. Delete all groups and add new ones: you loose all your student data, but not data from Academic Settings.
  3. Add a new School Year: you keep all your data from last school year.

How to add a new school year:

  1. Go to menu -> Academic Settings (or directly from the icon icon_academic_setttings )
  2. Go to “SCHOOL YEAR” tab.
  3. Use the iconos_editar_borrar icons to delete or edit a school year.
  4. Use the boton_plus button to add a new School Year.

The curso_actual icon shows you the activated school year.

To activate a new school year use the icono_editar icon.

IMPORTANT: If you delete a school year all the data associated will be removed too.

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