In order to make auto calculated grades you first must have a “calculated grade type”. Take a look to this article to find out how to do it.

To create a calculated grade:

  1. Add a new column in main grades window. Click on boton_plus button and then “New grades column“:
  2. Type the title of the calculated grade. In “Grade type” section select the calculated grade type:
  3. A new column with a calculator icon will be created:
  4. If you want to make the column wider, click on the column name and change the width at the bottom of the window.
  5. To set the calculations click on the white calculator icon.
  6. The first step is to add new columns from any term you want. The calculation will be made with the selected columns:
  7. Type your desired percentages to do a weigthed average, or use the buttons.
  8. The basura icon to delete the row.



  • Add column: to add columns to do the calculation
  • Average: do the average of all columns
  • Sum: to sum all columns
  • Substract: to substract all columns
  • MIN: the minimum value of all columns
  • MAX: the maximum value
  • MULT: multiply all the columns
  • DIV: divide all the columns


  1. Button “Average“:
    media A1+A2+A3+A4
  2. Button  “Sum“:
    suma A1+A2+A3+A4
  3. Button  “Substract“:
    restar -A1-A2-A3-A4
  4. Button “MIN“:
    min MIN(A1,A2,A3,A4)
  5. Button “MULT“:
    restar A1*A2*A3*A4
  6. Button “DIV“:
    div A1/A2/A3/A4
  7. Weigthed average (I):
     media_ponderada 0,1*A1+0,4*A2+0,3*A3+0,2*A4
  8. Weigthed average (II):
    media_ponderada2 (0,1*A1+0,4*A2+0,5*A3)+A4
  9. Weigthed average (III):
    media_ponderada3 (0,1*A1+0,4*A2+0,5*A3)-A4
  10. You can calculate grades from other calculated grades:

C1, C2 y C3 are calculated grades.

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