You can quickly create new rubrics with  LibreOffice Calc or Excel in your PC, after that you can import the CSV file to Teacher Gradebook. I suggest you to use  LibreOffice Calc, it is free and multiplatform, and as good as Excel.

Steps to import rubrics:

  1. Download this rubric sample to your PC:
    • Rubric class participation (rubric_class_participation_csv)
  2. Edit in your PC the download CSV file. You can use any text editor or LibrOffice Calc or Excel (suggested LibreOffice). This example is saved with UTF8 charset and “;” separator.
  3. Once edited save it and upload it to your device
  4. Go to the app, then go to menu -> Academic Settings, o directly from the upper-right icon icon_academic_setttings .
  5. Go to the “GRADE TYPE” tab. Press on “+” button to create a new rubric.
  6. Edit the rubric by clicking on the button config_rubrica
  7. Press the “IMPORT” button.
  8. Pick the CSV file previously copied to your device (“SEARCH FILE” button).
  9. Press the “Ok” button to finish.
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