This is the CSV header file needed for the app to interpret the data:


Only the fields “Name” and “Surname” are needed, the other ones are optional. The columns can be in any order.

The Date of Birth (column DOB) can be in one of the next formats:

  • YYYY-MM-DD. Example: 1993-10-25

Steps to do import from CSV file:

IMPORTANT: steps from 1 to 7 must be done on a PC. From step 8 to end on the app.

  1. Download here the empty CSV template to fill in
  2. Download these examples of CSV files:
  3. Open the downloaded template with LibreOffice,


  4. Add student data to the template:
  5. Go to File -> Save as and choose CSV file. Select option “Edit filter settings“:
  6.  Choose CSV:
  7. Select following options (you can also choose “Unicode UTF-16” or “Western Europe ISO-8859-1”):
  8. Copy the generated CSV to your device. If you CSV file is on the Cloud, download it first. In the app, go to Menu -> Import
  9. You must choose in the app the same charset and field delimiter as choosen in step 6


Use the “Preview” button to see how the CSV look like prior to import. If it is not displayed ok try to change the “CSV separator” or “Characters set“. If still goes wrong take a look to the headers as explained above.

Import Photos

To import photos, students must hace filled the field “Code” (this is a student id):

  1. The student’s photo name must be the student’s code. Example: student with code “A1234”, the photo must be A1234.jpg, A1234.png, etc.
  2. All the photos to import must be copied into a folder in device’s internal storage
  3. Select the directory whre photos are located:


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