You can add more rubrics from  menu -> Academic Settings (or  icon_academic_setttings icon), then go to “GRADE TYPE” tab.

  • Use the boton_plus button to add a new rubric:
  • Use the config_rubric button to edit the rubric:
  • Click on a cell to edit its content.
  • The “IMPORT” button allows you import rubrics from a CSV file. See this article.
  • The option “Auto percentages” allows you to enter you custom criteria weights.
  • The add_column_rubric button is to add more rows or columns.
  • In order to delete a row or column do a long press on the headers and select “Delete” on the context menu.
  • To reuse criterias or descriptions, do a long press on the cell and select “More criteria” or “More descriptions“.

After that you can go to main grades window and add a new column of grade type rubric to asses with rubrics.

Import Rubric from CSV file

You can quickly create new rubrics with  LibreOffice Calc or Excel in your PC, after that you can import the CSV file to Teacher Gradebook. I suggest you to use  LibreOffice Calc, it is free and multiplatform, and as good as Excel.

Steps to import rubrics:

  1. Download this rubric sample to your PC:
    • Rubric class participation (rubric_class_participation_csv)
  2. Edit in your PC the download CSV file. You can use any text editor or LibrOffice Calc or Excel (suggested LibreOffice). This example is saved with UTF8 charset and “;” separator.
  3. Once edited save it and upload it to your device
  4. Go to the app, then go to menu -> Academic Settings, o directly from the upper-right icon icon_academic_setttings .
  5. Go to the “GRADE TYPE” tab. Press on “+” button to create a new rubric.
  6. Edit the rubric by clicking on the button config_rubrica
  7. Press the “IMPORT” button.
  8. Pick the CSV file previously copied to your device (“SEARCH FILE” button).
  9. Press the “Ok” button to finish.