Grade Types

You have several grade types to assess. You can add or edit grade types from menu -> Academic Settings  (icon_academic_setttings icon), then go to “GRADE TYPE” tab:


Press on boton_plus button to add a new grade type:


  • Numeric: used to type numerical grades.
  • Calculated: to do auto calculated grades. To do averages and final scores.  See this this article for more info.
  • Counter: this grade type is used to increment or decrement an integer value.
  • Free text: you can enter any custom text associated to a numerical value.
  • Icon: you can use icons as numerical grades.
  • Attendance: you can calculate an score according to the student’s attendance.
  • List values: you can creat a list of values and select any item when scoring a student.
  • Rubrics: you can asses with rubris. On the main grade screen, when editing the grade you will see the criterias.