You can add more rubrics from  menu -> Academic Settings (or  icon_academic_setttings icon), then go to “GRADE TYPE” tab.

  • Use the boton_plus button to add a new rubric:
  • Use the config_rubric button to edit the rubric:
  • Click on a cell to edit its content.
  • The “IMPORT” button allows you import rubrics from a CSV file. See this article.
  • The option “Auto percentages” allows you to enter you custom criteria weights.
  • The add_column_rubric button is to add more rows or columns.
  • In order to delete a row or column do a long press on the headers and select “Delete” on the context menu.
  • To reuse criterias or descriptions, do a long press on the cell and select “More criteria” or “More descriptions“.

After that you can go to main grades window and add a new column of grade type rubric to asses with rubrics.

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